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Prevent bad breath!...

tongschraper koperThe tongue is constantly covered with a layer of dead cells, food remains and hundreds of thousands of bacteria, and then the waste products (such as sulfur) from these bacteria. Research shows that on average about 100 bacteria can reside per cell in our tongue.

If this layer is not removed regularly, a thick layer remains on the tongue. This is therefore one of the main causes of smelling from the mouth.

In addition, our taste buds also become covered and function less well, and the taste diminishes.

The tongue scraper has been known for centuries in eastern countries. Unfortunately not yet with us in the west.

The daily use of a tongue scraper is necessary for good oral hygiene.

Some people think that cleaning the tongue with the toothbrush is enough. Test it yourself: first clean with your toothbrush, and then see how much extra comes off when using the tongue scraper.

The tongue scraper we offer is made of stainless steel and has thickened ends. This tongue cleaner lasts a long time and is easy to use.

Tongschraper tongreiniger


  • Better oral hygiene
  • Easy to use
  • Get rid of a bad mouth odor quickly!


Grip the ends of the cleaner firmly with both hands and pull the center part of the pre-curved cleaner over the tongue.Carefully do not scrape too hard after brushing the entire surface of the tongue. Make sure you don't get too far back, because that back part of the tongue where there are many large taste buds doesn't need to be scraped. Rinse again and again under the running tap..

Usually three scrapes are sufficient. So don't go on endlessly. Rinse the mouth well, possibly with a mouthwash on a natural basis (without fluoride). You see that in a few seconds you have scraped a large amount of waste from the tongue.


Material: 100% Stainless Steel