Orthopedic Spinal Stretcher


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✔️ Do you often suffer from back pain or fatigue?

✔️ Do you ever hear that you should do something about your bad attitude??

Avoid expensive visits to the physiotherapist or chiropractor. The Orthopedic Spinal Stretcher is the affordable solution for you!!

Low back pain can be really annoying, and unfortunately it affects many hardworking people these days.

Common low back complaints include:

  • scoliosis
  • Worn intervertebral discs
  • Hernia
  • Spit

Now, however, there is the Orthopedic Spinal Stretcher, an acupressure device that you can easily use at home - whenever you want!!

This back stretcher provides natural traction, meaning it helps to stretch your spine. This way you can prevent and overcome back pain in a completely natural way. And all that by just lying down for 5 minutes a day!

In addition is theSpinal Stretcher® Features specially designed acupressure pressure points that apply effective and pain-relieving pressure to specific acupuncture points in the back - right next to the spine. So that your pain is treated directly where it is needed.

This device is adjustable and suitable for all body types. The device has 4 positions, so you can adjust it to your back in an instant.

11 Benefits for you:

✓ Relieves back pain

✓ Can also be used for hernia, lumbago and sciatica

✓ Naturally stretches and lengthens your spine for greater flexibility

✓ Also suitable for the cervical vertebrae

 Acupuncture pressure points for even more pain relief

✓ Easily adjustable with 4 different positions

✓ Corrects and improves your posture

✓ Provides deeper sleep

✓ Easy to use at home: 2 x 5 minutes per day

✓ Compact design ensures portability

✓ No more expensive visits to the chiropractor or physiotherapist

Get rid of back pain now!


    • Made of flexible and high quality hard plastic
    • Supplied with user manual
    • Dimensions: 38.5 x 25.5 cm
    • Load capacity: 250 kg
    • Not to be used in case of stenosis, osteoporosis, fixed vertebrae or during pregnancy

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