Anti-Wrinkle Neck Massage Device

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Everyone has to deal with wrinkles at some point. Skin aging is often first visible in the neck. Fortunately, our smart Anti-Wrinkle Neck Massager offers an immediate solution!

Specially designed with the latest infrared technology, this handy device has six different massage modes for relief when you need it!

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With us Anti-Wrinkle Neck Massage Device you get a professional masseur in your house and you get a personal treatment like in the massage parlor. When you  start using the device you will notice that your skin gradually tightens.

In addition, pain and stress will disappear, and your sleep will also improve. Thanks to the built-in infrared heat function with three temperature settings, your neck is also cared for with heat therapy.

infrarood massageADVANTAGES

  • Visible reduction of wrinkles in the neck
  • Firms the skin and prevents wrinkle formation
  • Relieves stress complaints on head, shoulders and neck
  • Foldable design that fits like headphones
  • 6 different massages (including shiatsu, acupressure, tapping massage)
  • 18 intensity levels
  • Comfortable to use: just use it on the couch or at your desk while you're doing business
  • Compact size for easy folding & carrying, even when travelling
  • Completely wireless and rechargeable via USB connection
  • Increases the collagen content of the skin
  • Save money on expensive treatments

Vibration Massage

The vibration is intended to relieve tension and loosen knots and cramps in the muscles. Vibration also improves blood circulation, so that waste products are better removed.Due to this natural detox, your skin gets the chance to rejuvenate itself.

tapping massage

The technique of tapping massage is well known: tapping a specific muscle group quickly.This technique not only gives a nice feeling, but also ensures a younger looking andtighter skin with a higher collagen content.

heat therapy

Heat therapy uses infrared heat to reach deeper parts of the body. This effective form of treatment is used to be able to reach not only the muscles, but also the deeper connective tissue and painful joints.The result is an even deeper detox effect and pain relief.


1x Premium Infrared Neck Massage Device
1x USB charging cable
1x Manual 
And of your choice:
2x pulse pads for shoulder massage

* This therapeutic massager is suitable for everyone.
(If in doubt, consult your doctor first).

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