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Suffering from cellulite on your skin...?

cups cellulitis

Use the Slimmer You SlimCups to get rid of it as quickly as possible!


  • Puts an end to disfiguring cellulite
  • Removes moisture and waste: natural detox
  • Improves circulation
  • Loosens bonded connective tissue
  • Easy to use
  • Save on expensive treatment

These cups remove moisture and waste products, loosen adhered connective tissue, and bring oxygen-rich blood to your muscles and skin. They are not only designed for cellulite reduction, but also perfect for a natural detox.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite (cellulite) is a common buildup of excess fat under the skin. The visible result of this is uneven-looking skin with bumps, dimples and dents on the hips, legs and buttocks: the well-known orange peel.

Effective massage

You will notice that the SlimCups - through the action of the active vacuum - help to break down the subcutaneous fat cells of your legs and buttocks.

Your skin will look threect smoother and more even. But that's not all!

The treatment increases blood flow and stimulates the metabolism. cupping massage is also very suitable as a treatment against premature wrinkles and scars. The cupping massage stimulates the blood circulation in the skin, rejuvenates the skin, reduces blockages and strengthens the connective tissue.

So that you not only immediately feel better, but also look much better!

Reliable method

The technique of cupping has been used for centuries to cure many types of ailments. Traditionally, glass cups were heated with fire. Today's cups work with the help of advanced vacuum technology.

For the whole body

The smaller cellulite cups can be used on the face, arms, calves and stomach area, while the larger cups are ideal for the thighs, hips and buttocks.

This way you can easily treat your entire body with this complete set.


1. Lubricate the skin with massage oil.
2. Choose a cup size. The large cups are for larger surfaces such as the legs.
3. Press the top of the cup firmly with both thumbs.
4. Place the cup on the skin. Make sure the cup has a vacuum on the skin.
5. Slide the cup over the skin using circular and zigzagging movements.
6. Start with 1 minute per zone and build up to 7 minutes per zone.
7. Repeat this treatment every other day, and reduce to once a week once you have achieved the desired result.

cellulite cups cellulitis cupping
Of the SlimCups Cupping Set you will enjoy it for many years to come.

Try them now and get rid of pesky cellulite for good!


  • In the delivery: 4 SlimCups of different sizes + instructions for use
  • Material : soft silicone rubber
  • Colour: transparent

cupping set

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