Aerial Yoga Swing - including suspension

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With the Aerial Yoga Swing you take your yoga to a higher level!🙏

Our Aerial Swing for Aerial Yoga or Yoga Silk is a playful and unique way to practice yoga and the ideal oplossingsolution for you to feel better!

Carried by the cloths of your own Aerial Yoga Hammock, you become lighter, you literally and figuratively float and you learn to let go of your fears. You learn to let go, to trust and above all to become aware that you are capable of more than you think. Your self-confidence will get a big boost and your happiness hormones will start flowing!

Inversion therapy

Aerial Yoga is also the ideal solution to prevent and relieve all kinds of possible pain and tension complaints. Inversion therapy is hanging upside down, carried by the comfortable drapes.

Because of the inversion, your spine is lengthened, which creates more space between the vertebrae, which helps to prevent neck pain, back pain, sciatica and hernia complaints. It also ensures a deep relaxation of your muscles and an improvement of your posture. It promotes good blood circulation and the removal of waste.

And you will soon feel better!

aerial yoga doek

Yoga in the air!

You may already have some experience with Aerial Yoga or Acro Yoga. Then you know from your own experience that floating in a cloth adds a whole new dimension to your yoga practice. You relax much more deeply just by doing yoga poses, only now in the air, where gravity helps you relax even more.'s much better for your back than yoga on the mat!

Benefits for you:

  • Relieves pain in neck, back and shoulders
  • Train your core and immediately get more flexibility
  • Learning and deepening new yoga postures in a playful way
  • Relax even more deeply in poses
  • Challenge yourself by floating various asanas
  • Supports the release of energy blockages
  • For use in the garden, in the attic or in the living room
  • Suitable for everyone, including children and the elderly!
  • This is going to change your life!
  • Free carrying bag
  • Need free steel mounting kit to install at home
  • Free e-book about aerial yoga(on request via

Product information

To be able to "fly" safely   of course you need good material! The fabric of the Aerial Yoga Swing is made of extremely strong nylon. The same material is also used for making parachutes and can carry as much as 500 kg. The fabric ventilates well, is colorfast and washing machine-resistant. This cloth has 2 pairs of handy handles for more convenience and comfort, so that beginners can also easily get started.

Are you still in doubt?

Just take a few classes at a yoga center near you, then start in your own home!


  • 100% nylon cloth of 250 x 150 cm
  • Available in 9 modern colors of your choice
  • 6 soft foam handles for a firm grip
  • 2 adjustable 1 meter fastening straps (daisy chains)
  • 4 carabiners
  • With user manual
  • With a handy carrying case
  • Includes handy mounting kit for mounting to the ceiling
  • Also download the e-book with a complete series of aerial yoga exercises

Where do you hang the Aerial Yoga Swing?

Attaching our Aerial Yoga Swing at home is not difficult. It can be attached outside to a tree, inside to a supporting beam in your house, to a pull-up bar attached in a doorway. Or simply mount it directly to the ceiling with the included mounting kit.

In the e-book you receive you will find a complete set of exercises.

Installation & use of the yoga swing is entirely at your own risk

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