Welcome to Slimmer You! My name is Claartje, I am 36 years old and I believe in the power of yoga & fitness!

I have been practicing yoga for about 12 years now. Once started with Hatha Yoga, I continued with Kundalini Yoga.

In recent years I have also been able to become acquainted with Aerial Yoga. This special form of yoga has helped me to let go and relax on an even deeper level. Floating in the air really adds an extra dimension to the poses.

With Slimmer You I hope to encourage people to start doing yoga or fitness! Because there are 1001 other ways to get moving in addition to yoga, we also offer many fitness accessories.

Because we believe that female entrepreneurs deserve extra help, a portion of our annual profits goes to an aid project for female entrepreneurs in the underprivileged neighborhood of Los Lagos in Cali, Colombia, to help them start their own businesses.