Aerial Yoga. Floating in a yoga cloth seems to be getting more and more popular lately. But what exactly is it?

Aerial Yoga has only been around since about 2012 and is a combination of exercises from traditional yoga from India (which is 5000 years old), and modern disciplines such as Pilates, dance and acrobatics. Not to be confused with Acro-Yoga, which you always do with two people.

Other names for Aerial Yoga are air yoga, zero-gravity yoga, trapeze yoga or hammock yoga. All exercises are done in an aerial yoga swing, a set of silk or nylon cloths suspended from the ceiling or overhanging beam.

Below I will treat 4 main reasons to start with Aerial Yoga!

1. Fun

Because you are suspended in the air, Aerial Yoga immediately offers an extra dimension: you float and feel free!! Get ready to feel like a kid on the playground again. Aerial yoga has an invigorating effect on your body and mind. At the end of the session there will be a big smile on your face.

2. Flight

Always wanted to gliding Aerial Yoga is the next best thing, and it's safe, because you're not more than 1 meter above the ground. Some swings are equipped with handles, so you always stay in control.

3. Flexibility

The Aerial Yoga poses that you perform supported by a yoga swing can significantly relieve tension in stiff muscles and joints. If you do it for a few weeks, you will notice that the flexibility of your entire body has improved.

4. Fitness

The exercises derived from acrobatics, dance and yoga require strength, discipline, control and grace that make you feel stronger, lighter and more balanced.

If you have become interested in the possibilities of aerial yoga because of this article, take a look at ourAerial Yoga Swing.

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